From Applications engineering, component sizing, fabrication, installation, maintenance, repair, retrofitting, and overhaul, out in the field, or in the shop Hague Equipment Company of Michigan, Inc. services what it sells, and more. Let us help you make your industry more efficient!

We offer products from some of the most widely respected manufacturers in industry today. If we do not have a direct relationship with a manufacturer, chances are we have agreements with others that do, and can get you what you need when you need it.


PUMPS: "We move fluids efficiently"

  • BEAR, GASO, NATIONAL, MISSION, OMEGA, WHEATLEY (NOV) - plunger, piston, centrifugal
  • BLACKMER - vane, ngl-vane, ansi - centrifugal
  • CORKEN - vane, ngl-vane, ngl-turbine coro-flo®, industrial multi-stage side channel
  • FMC TECHNOLOGIES - reciprocating, water, condensate, mud, directional boring
  • GIANT - plunger, reliefs, pressure spray controls
  • HYPRO - plunger, centrifugal, roller
  • ROPER - gear, progressive cavity
  • SHURFLO INDUSTRIAL - Shertech, centrifugal, gear, roller, flex impeller
  • TEXSTEAM - chemical injection, diaphragm, electric, solar, air, gas, beam operated
  • MORGAN PRODUCTS - chemical and odorant injection, pneumatically operated
  • WILLIAMS INSTRUMENT - chemical and odarant injection, pneumatic & hydraulically operated
  • NATIONAL VACUUM - Battioni, Challenger, vane pumps, shut offs, mufflers, hatches, accessories
  • MORO - vane vacuum pumps, accessories
  • UNION - Clyde Union - reciprocating plunger pumps
  • WILDEN - double diaphragm, air operated
  • WARREN RUPP SANDPIPER - double diaphragm, air & gas operated
  • COORSTEK - plungers, valves, packings, pulsation dampener
  • STANDARD - plungers, packing, valves
  • goulds, peerless, myers, pentair, gardner denver, aplex, flowserv, bowie, viking, tuthill, aro
  • tsurumi, abs   


  • BLACKMER - reciprocating-single & multi stage vertical, lubricated and non-lubricated
  • CORKEN - reciprocating-single & multi stage, vertical, horizontal, lubricated and non-lubricated
  • LEROI GAS - natural gas screw compressors, boosters, vru
  • FS CURTIS - reciprocating, screw, air and natural gas
  • SAYLOR BEALL - reciprocating, air and natural gas
  • FLSMIDTH - Fuller® Ful-Vane™ vane, severe service vru, methane, propane, biogas
  • HY-BON ENGINEERING - vane, liquid or air cooled, natural gas vru
  • RO-FLOW - vane compressor
  • quincy, sullair, sullivan palatek, gardner denver, ingersoll rand, cooper energy, superior, white


  • VAN AIR SYSTEMS- air / gas dryers, desiccant, regenerative, in-line, portable, deliquescent


  • PERRY EQUIPMENT COMPANY (PECO) - elements, particulate, coalescing, carbon treat, gas, liquid
  • KOCH - air filter elments, pleated, depth media
  • NUGENT - oil filter elements and housings
  • NOWATA - housings, elements, liquid particulate, and coalescing
  • UNITED FILTRATION - air, gas, liquid, housing, elements, adsorbant
  • DONALDSON -air, oil, hydraulic filter elements, and systems
  • BALDWIN - air, oil, hydraulic filter elements
  • HAGUE - vessels, string wound elements, activated carbon, dessicant, coalescers, custom elements


  • SLOAN BROTHERS "SB" - lubrication pumps, flow dividers, no-flows, drive boxes, complete systems
  • HAGUE - HE-synthetic lubricants, fluids, greases (Summit Iindustrial)
  • CPI - Synthetic Lubricants, and fluids


  • GATES - industrial belts, power bands, timing products
  • MASKA - sheaves, pulley, bushings, couplings, elements
  • TB WOODS - couplings
  • HONDA - engines, pumps, generators


  • GRUNFOS - electric submersible
  • KARLINGTON - electric submersible motors
  • FIBERGLASS SYTEMS - tubing, casing, line pipe, fittings
  • HAGUE - ESP cbm pump systems, shrouds, well points, plungers, wire
  • HAGUE - PLUNGER LIFT SERVICES - plungers, catchers, injection mandrels, standing valves, tubing
  • TIME PRODUCTS - plunger lift controllers

Hague Equipment Company of Michigan, Inc. has a well equiped repair facility located at it's Kalkaska, MI headquarters. Facilities include three 14' door truck bays, pump, compressor, engine, valve overhaul shop, FW Murphy® authorized swichgage repair bench, magneto repair & test bench, machine shop (lathes, boring mills, surface grinder, broaching), hot tank, 16' door fabrication shop with two 7-1/2 ton overhead cranes, mig, tig, & arc welders, plasma cutter, 8'' sheet metal brake, esp pump test pit, Kimray® dehy pump test bench. A fleet of field service trucks manned by capable technicians are available for installtions, troubleshooting, & repairs.  


  • Reciprocating-plunger-piston, simplex, duplex, triplex, quintiplex, large and small
  • Centrifugal, ANSI, Multistage Turbine, Diaphragm, Submersible, Gear, roller, paristaltic,
  • Progressive Cavity, Liquid ring, Mag-drive, Vane, Chemical injection, electric, air, gas, beam operated
  • Boosters, VR
  • Seals, valves, plungers, bearings, impeller changes, complete overhaul 
  • Reciprocating - Vertical, Horizontally opposed, single, and multi-stage, Lubricated and non-lubricated,
  • Screw, Centrifugal, Vane, Liquid Ring, Diaphragm, Air, gas
  • Packings, rings, valves, cylinder re-work, bearings, installation, overhaul
  • Linear actuated - Control, and dump valves, lever actuaded tank valves
  • Regulators - pressure, safety relief
  • FW Murphy authorized Swichgage repair facility
  • MPI ignitions sytems & magneto repair (alt I, III & V)
  • Compliance Controls AFR's
  • Turbine flow meters


  • Pump packages- swd, mud pumps, well service, re-injection, chemical injection, process, re-circulating
  • Compressor packages - fractional to 500hp, air gas, recip, screw, vane, liq-ring, diaphragm, centrifugal
  • Meter packages - meter runs, turbine flow, test seperation
  • Steamer packages - base/trailer/truck mounted, gasoline engine, or electric
  • Spooling units - trailers/skid mounted, for coiled tubing & esp
  • Filtration packages - gas, liquid, air, particulate, and caolescing
  • Vacuum units - trailers, trucks, skidded packages


  • Plunger lift systems, coiled tubing, timer controls
  • Electric submersable pumps (ESP)
  • Hydraulic rod pumps
  • Progressive cavity pumps
  • Down hole tubing


  • EmeraChem®, Catalyst Service Center, NSCR, and SCR systems for IC engines & gas turbines.
  • Catalyst sizing, sales, installation, reclaim, testing, repair, complete asset management
  • Catalyst regeneration onsite
  • Engine controllers, & panel systems
  • AFR controllers, sales, service, installation, repair
  • Ignition systems, evaluation, repair, testing
  • Emissions testing


  • Dehydration unit, flushing, cleaning, repairs
  • Heater / burner maintenance, heat exchanger cleaning, and maintenance
  • Filter change outs
  • Complete pump repairs
  • Nitrogen charging of pulsation bottles, and accumulators